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I recently ordered a Hyperpro steering damper to fix a wobble. Seem easier to install compare to others. It came and I installed it on my BMW R1200GS Adventure and gave it its first real trial today. Buy Here: Screen=PROD&Product_Code=SUBSCRIBE! The wobble is still there, but it is greatly reduced. R1200GS (KInstalltion rack system.

The combi spring kit comes with: - front fork spring(s) - fork oil - rear spring (available in purple or black colour) - installation manual together with setup data. Or contact us via e-mail We also provided detailed instructions. I have some theories on it, but haven&39;t gotten to the fixes yet. A combi kit consists of progressive springs: front and back and a practical user guide. I got my UPS notice today that the HyperPro steering damper is on the way.

I would have been shorter if I had read some posts before starting. This is designed and tuned specifically for your BMW R1200GS. Suitable for both WP and Showa systems. check the products page for fork springs, shocks, lowering kits, steering dampers, front forks. R1200GS Adventure - Remove petrol tank, install Hyperpro shocks Discussion in &39; GS Boxers &39; started by The Other JC,. Hyperpro progressive springs for BMW R1200GS are available as a front spring, rear spring or combi kit. I have a GS (not Adventure) and I ordred the RSC Active version (see link below). Hyperpro H43 fork BMW R nineT.

Hyperpro Steering Damper For R1200gs. Hyperpro only refers to on road pavement use and my application is. If you are looking for a quick and inexpensive way to make your GS handle like a dream, look no further. Hyperpro develops mounting kits to mount a steering damper to the bike. Hyperpro SD manual v2.

Also, the bracket for the pre-load adjuster I had to counter sink holes for the mounting hardware and sub the allen-head bolts with flush mount bolts because the adjuster knob hose coupler was hitting the supplied bolts. Kit is 100% complete, no modifications or other parts required. bombing along at speed. The kit should not hit anything. Install was a breeze, everything went in great. Torque values BMW R1200GSA Wilbers Rear Shock installation Author. Two of the most important additions I put on the bike are the Hyperpro Steering hyperpro r1200gs installation manual damper and an Aeroflow touring windshield with Saeng edging across the top.

price includes first rebuild. World of Springs Welcome to the perfect world! Select Your Hyperpro Shock Application.

The Other JC,. MK-BM12-O001 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS for 2 of 2 - Check and make sure that there is no contact between any part of the steering damper kit and any part of the motorcycle. Hyperpro BMW ESA shock absorbers. Takes less then 30 minutes to install if your like me and are a measure twice kind of guy. Let high tech suspension take care of your control!

So, TKC 80 on the front, TKC 70 on the back Hyperpro steering damper, the pig feels a lot more planted, esp. Plug and play, so in 98% of the applications it is possible to mount the kit without drilling or cutting in the motorcycle. Issues like non-functioning ESA adjustment as a result of a damaged adjustment motor, too soft springs, lack of damping or other needs of the rider, should be solved. A spring is an essential part of the motorcycle. The shock install was about a half day for me.

The Hyperpro Combi Kit is the most cost-effective suspension improvement package available for your bike. I also use the bmw low seat. MK-BM12-B004 A INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS MK-BM12-B004 A. During installation: In general: It is normal that some oil can appear on the pistonrod. If the steering movement is limited, adjust the position of the tube in the.

First, find your bike on the chart below and write down your part and price for the desired hyperpro shock. Hyperpro takes care about the best suspension for your bike! It has to keep the motorcycle, with hyperpro r1200gs installation manual rider, passenger, luggage in the correct riding position and keep the wheels in contact with the road, while shifting up, while braking, while cornering, on the straight, in short, in every. R1200GS (KInstallation manual Headlamps. SldDrw, SHEET 2 OFSTEERING DAMPER MOUNTING KIT BMW R1200 GS Model for - Check and make sure that there is no contact between any part of the steering damper kit and any part of the motorcycle. Torque values R1200GSA Wilbers Front Shock installation Author: ‘cookie. Steering movement should not be limited by the steering damper. R1200GSA Wilbers Front Shock installation See also: Rear shock installation instructions here BMW R1200GS suspension / shocks / shock absorbers / strutsThis article refers to Wilbers shocks easily applies to Ohlins, WP, HyperPro, Hagon etc aftermarket suspension.

Subject: Fork Rebuild and Hyperpro Spring Installation Tue 2:54 pm FYI – Here is my write-up on my fork rebuild. ly/ACPleaseSubscribe About. Page 1 Rider&39;s Manual R 1200 GS BMW Motorrad The Ultimate Riding Machine. 6 Fork owners manual H43 v1.

Installing a Touratech Suspension progressive spring kit on your BMW R1250GS, R1200GS or Adventure is the biggest improvement you can make to its handling, short of replacing the complete shock assemblies. Mainly two things. DO NOT attempt to install this product on motorcycles from any different brand, model and/or year than stated on the pages of this manual. Less than Ohlins and about same as Wilber&39;s. Lowers bike -25mm; Rear spring available in black. Covered by a five year warranty, and it’s fully rebuildable. The Hyperpro Shock Absorber.

This installation is on a ESA equipped R1200GS Adventure. The only complaint is the hose on the pre-load adjuster is a bit long. Give Klaus a call he will fix you up. Steering movement should not be limited by. Hyperpro H43 fork owners manual v1.

We prefer to design a mounting kit in the toptank position, so it is possible to see the steering damper and makes it more easy to adjust. I&39;m 5&39;9" with a 28" inseam. This kit from Touratech includes everything you need to install a steering damper on the front end of your R1200GS or Adventure. Lowers bike -30mm. I started using steering dampers years ago. The shocks are equipped with a stronger ESA stepper motor, waterproof connectors, an improved damping setting, a progressive black or purple spring and is “plug and play” to connect to the BMW. our Suspension Specialists are available Monday – Friday, 9:00 – 17:00 to answer to your enquiries and offer technical advice. AndyW – usual warning, refer to the BMW workshop manual.

or other damage arising from use, assembly or overhaul of HYPERPRO products. Click here to see a hyperpro r1200gs installation manual sample of our shock absorber installation instructions. 0 INSTALLATION Before installation, measure the distance between the end of the chrome tube and the top triple clamp. There is no need to buy separate dampers and mounting kits. My rationale for wanting one was the “little crash” I had up in Labrador. BMW R1200GSA hyperpro r1200gs installation manual Wilbers Rear Shock installation See also: Front shock installation instructions here BMW R1200GS suspension / shocks / shock absorbers / strutsThis article refers to Wilbers shocks easily applies to Ohlins, WP, HyperPro, Hagon etc aftermarket suspension. In case of need of assistance, please call: Customer Support. At Hyperpro Sales B.

Upgrade your bike with the best. Similarly, the warranty will become void it the instructions are not followed too. Designed to fit in the stock damper location, with easy to follow instructions, installation is super easy with all parts and hardware included. We advise to follow your motorcycle’s workshop manual to remove the original front fork from your bike. Hyperpro SD manual v2. Make sure the Hyperpro fork is fitted at the same distance.

Hyperpro H49 fork H-D Street Bob / Low Rider. Hyperpro can not be held responsible for any form of damage to the shock, motorcycle, or injury to persons when there is improper installation of the shock absorber and if the instructions for mounting and maintenance are not followed exactly. When I took the old stock damper off the bushings on the. Here is my review on the Hyper pro steering damper. Products World Of Springs Welcome To The Perfect World. ; Page 2 Motorcycle data/dealership details Motorcycle data Dealership details Model Person to contact in Service department Vehicle identification number Ms/Mr Phone number Colour code Date of first registration Dealership address/phone number (com- Registration number pany stamp).

The rebuild followed advice on this forum, the Honda Service Manual, input from fellow bikers, and my own expertise (little of which I have). See more videos for Hyperpro R1200gs Installation Manual. In addition to step-by-step installation instructions, this user guide provides useful tips for optimal adjustment of your bike springs. My question on the steering damper. Rear spring available in black.

we give priority to our customer service. I replaced shocks on GS at 5 miles with Hyperpro. I got in on the group-buy put together on Adventure Rider for the HyperPro steering damper. I lowered my &39;06 r1200gs one inch with Wilbers shocks. - HYPERPRO uses a special seal to reduce. Shipped standard in. Steering movement should not be limited by With the installation of our RALLE MOTO steering damper (Top Clamp model) you need to remove the OEM top clamp from the bike in order to remove the ignition module and press out the bearings that are housed with rubber dust seals and a &39;C&39; clip and are located where the front forks.

Hyperpro r1200gs installation manual

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